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At Business Lynx, our business consulting service provides professional advice, business analyses, and accounting solutions that will aid the growth of your business. Of course, offering bookkeeping services for small businesses isn’t our only specialty.

We provide many services to help scale your business to that profitable point you prospectively want it to get to.

So, as a newbie starting out a small business, you would want to have us as your “cheat-sheet” and advantage in adequately putting things in place for your business success. Our business consultancy service will set you on the successful road.



recommend appropriate software

Given our professional affiliation with software such as Xero, MYOB, and Quickbooks Online, we recommend the most suitable software for your business needs. We also use them in offering virtual bookkeeping services for small businesses for our clients.


Given how professional we are in our accounting and bookkeeping services, we keep an eye on your budget to ensure your business doesn’t suffer an unexpected blowout. We also monitor your cash flow, as it is extremely essential for all businesses.

Software setup and customisation

We have professional hands that’ll help in setting up and configuring your online accounting software system.


suggest add-on solutions

We’d help in suggesting appropriate add-ons that will seamlessly integrate with the accounting software, expanding its capabilities and allowing you to do more with less time.

Rookie program and mentoring

We help you understand why some transactions are differently coded from daily or regular ones.

We provide software support when you have a technical problem, or you need help with data entries.

the pure bookkeeping system

At Businesslynx, our bookkeeping service for small businesses follows the industry best practice process known as the Pure Bookkeeping Systems.

You can relax knowing that your finances are in good hands.

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