If your accounts are in chaos, we can assist by rescuing your books, fixing errors and getting them current, accurate and reconciled. Call Business Lynx to the rescue today!

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Overworked, understaffed and stressed?

For a variety of reasons, you are behind on your paperwork, your books are incomplete and it is BAS time again. In most cases, this may not even be your fault. It could just be that you’re super busy running your business. You are overburdened and what should you do now?

To solve this challenge, you’ll need an extra pair of professional hands to cater for your boring paperwork. Yes! You’ll require Rescue Bookkeeping services.

What is the good news?


Bookkeeping issues we solve

We are proficient with our work and do what is meant to be done as efficiently and swiftly as possible. Below are some of the problems we address:

  • Bills and invoices that are incorrect or outstanding
  • Incorrect BAS lodgement
  • A dysfunctional payroll system (payment summaries, payslips, leave, superannuation, SGC calculations, and tax tables)
  • Credit cards and bank accounts that don’t reconcile with the statements
  • Unreliable inventory figures (this could cause you to pay the incorrect GST task and also cause you to make strategic decisions with incorrect figures)
  • Old non-presented transactions in your credit card or bank account
  • Trade creditors and debtors that don’t balance with the balance sheet
  • And much more….

we provide a way out

The good news is, at Business Lynx, we have a team of exceptionally skilled bookkeepers that can help meet your obligations with the ATO as well as other governing bodies, improve your accounting processes and systems and completely stabilise your business. We provide excellent Rescue Bookkeeping services that are second to none.

Moreover, as “rescuers”, the first thing we do when you come to us is run a health check where we completely inform you what the problems are and the things that need to be changed to significantly transform your data file into one that provides you with reliable information. It doesn’t matter how deeply you’ve drowned in BAS and paperwork. Our Rescue Bookkeeping services will get you back on track.

    A complete bookkeeping solution for your ongoing success


    Our Rescue Bookkeeping services don’t end here. As soon as we’ve resolved your outstanding paperwork, we have consultants who can also help you implement a complete accounting solution that is not only easy to follow but one that works well with you and your business. This will help you make the best decisions for your business with figures that are correct and up to date.

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